Why us

With Custom Lightning, you get …

Results you can be proud of

“Full-stack” business design: Build complete businesses; way beyond sticky notes, “canvases,” and decks.


Executive engagement: Give your leaders what they need so they can confidently support your case.


Serious experience: Just get the senior professional(s) you actually need.

The project you truly wanted

Your workflow: Let’s tailor our work together, to fit your milestones, work sequence, and other unique needs.


Your toolkit: Have us adapt to your process, instead of forcing ours on you (though we’re happy to share).


Rapid start: Begin projects in as little as a day, without loads of bureaucracy.

Great people to work with

True partnership: We work alongside you, instead of just “consulting” and leaving you with the hard work.


Multi-disciplinary: “T-shaped” team member(s) can switch gears if your project needs change.


Custom team: Let our network close project-specific team gaps.