Answers to your questions

You want (or at least need) details? Well, we got details! For even more info, just reach out.

Who is the “we” at Custom Lightning?

Custom Lightning is the company of Steffen Meyer. So a bunch of the time, the “we” is really “me,” Steffen. (Yes, the royal “we” is SO over-rated. But hold on a second.)

Anyway, other independent professionals often join me on projects. And when they do, everyone uses Custom Lightning’s performance standards, tools, style, and all the rest. I respect these partners tremendously, they have shaped what Custom Lightning is, and they deserve to be acknowledged here just as much as me. Thus: “we,” not “me.”

Why does this site not have a “Pricing” section? What do you charge?

In short, you have too many options to fit them all into a standard pricing table. Instead, please reach out and let’s talk. We promise to keep things simple and don’t make “money talk” awkward. It wouldn’t help you. And it’s not our style.

In general, expect us to offer competitive pricing among senior independent management consultants. Custom Lightning does high-quality work. We are not a bargain-basement low-end provider. If budget is your only criterion, you may well find someone cheaper. But on the other hand, we don’t have the overhead or profit requirements of bigger firms, let alone the big global consultancies. You’ll find us a lot more affordable than any of them. And our “senior professional only” approach means that you’ll get (a) seriously-experienced collaborator(s), not spend most of your time with analysts or associates.

So why exactly are there “too many options” for a simple pricing table?

We take pride in adapting to the different project types that clients need. That includes your billing preferences: We offer both variable rates (e.g. hourly, daily) and fixed rates (e.g. fixed-price/ project-based, retainers). We offer different levels of service (e.g. remote, on-site, including add-on services). And we offer flexible team sizes (Steffen only or a more custom team). We believe that you have better things to do with your time than make sense of it all from a static, detailed table.

What are Steffen’s background and experience?

Please see Steffen’s LinkedIn page. Need more specifics? Just reach out!