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We find our stock imagery on Unsplash. Unsplash’s license is here.

Individual image creators:

  • Photo of “Open” sign in a door (“Open vintage sign broad through the glass of store window. Asia”) by Artem Beliaikin
  • Photo of hands holding fairy lights (“Hands”) by Diego PH
  • Photo of motorbike (“Amazing corners on the road from San Bartalome de Tirajana down to Fataga. Motorcycle paradise!”) by Canary Ride
  • Photo of airplanes (“On the last day the snowbirds were performing at the CNE in Toronto, I was lucky enough to look up just in time to capture this shot. Makes me realize timing is everything.”) by Takahiro Sakamoto
  • Photo of silhouette by Colton Sturgeon
  • Photo of “Hello” sign (“Wandering Koreatown I found a welcoming watering hole.”) by Adam Solomon
  • Photo of “people holding shoulders sitting on wall” by Duy Pham
  • Photo of “art studio with wall graffiti” by Matthieu Comoy
  • Photo of “silhouette of man standing on rock during sunset” by Colton Sturgeon



We seek out our icons on The Noun Project. Find our license terms here or here.