that people actually want,
launch fast, and scale

Our focus

We help innovation leaders create businesses, not just products and services

Even the most innovative products, services and experiences must succeed in the market.

That’s what we help you do:

We design the business around your Innovation and help you earn stakeholder buy-in, so you make it to market and win once you are there.

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Why us

With Custom Lightning, you get …

Results you can be proud of

“Full-stack” business design: Build complete businesses; way beyond sticky notes, “canvases,” and decks.


Executive engagement: Give your leaders what they need so they can confidently support your case.


Serious experience: Just get the senior professional(s) you actually need.

The project you truly wanted

Your workflow: Let’s tailor our work together, to fit your milestones, work sequence, and other unique needs.


Your toolkit: Have us adapt to your process, instead of forcing ours on you (though we’re happy to share).


Rapid start: Begin projects in as little as a day, without loads of bureaucracy.

Great people to work with

True partnership: We work alongside you, instead of just “consulting” and leaving you with the hard work.


Multi-disciplinary: “T-shaped” team member(s) can switch gears if your project needs change.


Custom team: Let our network close project-specific team gaps.


Hear it in the words of our clients and partners


We specialize in hands-on business creation

Let us work right alongside you – doing, not talking.

We roll up our sleeves and join in where you can’t fake it, where expertise turns into days saved, users delighted, and money earned, … and where there is the joy of creating something that “they” said could never be done.

And thanks to our range of expertise, we can (probably) still support you even if your project needs to pivot.

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If you create or transform companies, then we’re here for you

We support all of you in Labs, Research, and Innovation roles, who bring breakthrough products and services to market – at corporations and startups, in B2C and B2B.

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Our difference

We help visionaries and operators innovate together

It takes a range of people to bring Innovation to life – not just visionaries like Designers and Entrepreneurs, but also operators and stakeholders like executives and investors.

And yet, too many Innovations run into trouble at points of approval or handoff.

But not you: Stay in sync, with support from our first-hand understanding of operator roles. We help you meet stakeholder needs and strengthen what you build … without compromising on your vision or users’ needs.

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Who is this firm?

Custom Lightning is Steffen Meyer, with occasional help from trusted freelance partners. They join in for specialized projects, where their expertise makes all the difference.

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Steffen’s blog is live!

Credible Innovation offers you tools, thoughts, and research for doing more credible innovation work (along with the case for why it matters).

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Let’s talk!

Share your questions, comments, project ideas, or anything else!

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